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parenting solution
parenting solution
parenting solution
parenting solution


To the species called ‘parents’, we are your one-stop solution-provider.
We understand how you struggle finding the best available knowledge and sharing the same with your kids. Hence, we have come up with a 360-degree approach and multi-modal set of stories and activities to help you parent. Our founding father, Mr. Vishwajit Patil, is a parent himself, and is aware of the ways he had to resort to Google to find the solutions to the common and not-so-common problems his kids faced.

But that is also when he realized that Google is not always right and the ‘Eureka’ moment led him to conceptualize Sapien Kid. Circa 2019 and Sapien Kid began taking baby steps.

It took a lot of research, and deep-diving into understanding the new-parent problems for Mr. Patil to realize what the world needs. Fast forward to 2022 when Sapien Kid is a fully-functioning heart, and brain that is working towards making parenting easier. Passing on valuable information through fun-filled stories, activities, hands-on even in this digital age have been our focus areas.

To everyone else, Sapien Kid is a startup Edu-Tech firm with the keen focus on researching, and curating content for teaching kids valuable life skills. Our focus is on the early developmental years of a child and our main intention is to pass valuable information. We implement learning with high-quality graphics and illustration and make sure kids learn more beyond the school books.


Every brand has its eyes set up straight ahead. Sapien Kid too has taken baby steps and it plans to take leaps and bounds to expand across more areas. Our next target is set to extend beyond Asia to the rest of the world in 2023. With our team, we aim to nurture a better tomorrow for everyone!