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Privacy Policy 

This Privacy Policy shall be read in conjunction and together with the Terms of Use available on website and forms an integral part of the user agreement between You and Bynaric Systems. By accessing and/or using the Website, you signify your agreement to accept this Privacy Policy. If you do not agree with any or all of the following terms of the privacy policy, please do not access and/or use the Website.
Our Privacy Policy is designed to assist you in understanding how we collect and use the personal information you provide to us and to assist you in making informed decisions when using our site and our products and services.
Providing information to us is your choice. You understand that any data, information, content or information that you post, submit or upload to the Website shall be visible to other users of the Website and will be stored on Company’s servers for the purposes of making the Website available to you. Please do not post, submit or upload to the Website any data, information, content or information which would include any Personal Information and Sensitive Personal Data or Information that you do not wish to be made available to the Company or to the public at the large.

Information Collection

Bynaric Systems may obtain the following types of information from or concerning you or your device used to access the Service.

  1. Non-Personal Information

When users access our Service, we may track, collect and aggregate Non-Personal Information indicating, among other things, which sections of our Service were used, the order in which they were used, when they were used. We also collect information from the URLs from which you linked to our Service. Collecting such information may involve logging the IP address, device information, operating system and browser software used by each user of the Site.

  1. Personally Identifiable Information

We collect Personally Identifiable Information that you provide to us when you register for an account, update or change information for your account, complete a survey, sign-up for email updates, send us email messages, and/or subscribe to other services provided by  Bynaric Systems. Our Service makes it easy to correct any mistakes in your personal information at any time. Whenever possible, we will give you an opportunity to review and change any information you provide to us. If you notice a mistake in the information you provide us, you can always revise it.

  1. Third Party Sites

We may receive Personally Identifiable Information when you access or log-in to a third party site, e.g., Facebook, twitter or other advertisements from our Service. This may include the text and/or images of your Personally Identifiable Information available from the third party site. We may receive information that You submit to any Third-Party Website You access from links contained within the Website. You should check the privacy policy of such Third-Party Websites to find out how they will use Your personal information and sensitive personal data or information. The Company shall not be responsible or liable for use or misuse of the same by Third-Party Websites.

  1. Payment

 Bynaric Systems collects and maintains certain information from our users for the purposes of payment. We may report this information to third party processors for the limited purpose of receiving payment.

Cookies are small text files that, like most other Web servers, we place in your device that you use to access our website. This is done to recognize your device during a session or in your future visits to our website, primarily in order to provide better user experience.

Types of cookies used:

Session cookie:

Session cookies remain only as long as a browsing session is active, and are intended to avoid user inconvenience during browsing. These cookies allow websites to link the actions of a user during a browser session and expire at the end of the browsing session. Session cookies also assist the user in navigating the website, and allow the user to access secure parts of the webpage when logged in.

Persistent cookie:

Persistent cookies are stored on a user’s device even after termination of a browsing session. It helps in recalling the preferences or actions of the user. Persistent cookies are used for a variety of purposes such as retaining the visitor’s language and regional preference(s) at the end of each browsing session. We use services of third-party analytics service provider to analyze cookies to carry out a behavioral analysis in order to enhance user experience and convenience, and also to provide targeted and relevant content to visitors. Depending on the type and settings of your browser, cookies may be accepted by default. You may change the settings of your browser to delete existing cookies or prevent future cookies from being automatically accepted. If you disable cookies, certain parts and functions of our website may not be available. You can learn more about cookies at You can delete all cookies that are already on your browser by clearing its browsing history.

Third Party Cookies

We use cookies from third party companies to provide us with insights about our sites, help us run targeting advertising campaigns, measure effectiveness of our advertising campaigns and to make the advertisements more relevant to you. These companies use cookies to collect information about your browsing activities on our sites, such as the pages you visit, the links you click, assets you download and how long you are on our sites. Based on your browsing of our website you may see our advertisements while browsing through our advertisement partner websites and/or their network websites. In order to opt out from receiving such advertisements, you have to set your preferences on our partner websites. Alternatively, you may also visit Network Advertising Initiative or Digital Advertising Alliance websites to opt-out.

How we use Information

A. Providing Service
We use information you provide to authenticate you and deliver content to you and from you. We ask you to log in and provide certain personal information (such as your name and email address) in order to be able to save your profile and the documents and comments associated with it.

B. Improving Our Service-
To make the product better we have to understand how users are using it. We use Non-Personal Information to build higher quality, more useful services by performing statistical analyses of the collective characteristics and behavior of our users, and by measuring demographics and interests regarding specific areas of our Site. We only collect, track and analyze such Information in an aggregate manner that does not personally identify you. This aggregate data may be used to assist us in operating the Site and the Services and provided to other third parties to enable them to better understand the operation of the Services.

C. Inspection-
We work hard to keep Bynaric Systems secure and to prevent abuse and fraud. We understand the importance of data security and We want Your browsing experience with Us to be as safe as possible. We have implemented reasonable safeguards and precautions to protect Your personal information.

D. Correspondence with You-
We keep a record of your communication with Bynaric Systems to help solve any issues you might be facing and we may use your email address or phone number to inform you about the resolution of such issues. We also use information to inform you about our services, such as letting you know about upcoming changes or improvements, scheduling of maintenance or disruption of service.
We track your correspondence with Bynaric Systems to help comprehend any issues you may be confronting and we may utilize your email address or telephone number to advise you about the decisions regarding such issues. We likewise use data to educate you about our service, for example, telling you about up and coming changes or upgrades, planning of upkeep or interruption of service


Bynaric Systems takes all requisite steps to protect our users’ information from loss, misuse and unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration and destruction. Appropriate physical, electronic and managerial procedures have been brought into practice to protect and secure such information. However, no electronic or email transmission or digital storage mechanism is ever fully secure or error free.
Personal information is processed only if it is compatible with and relevant for the purpose for which it was collected or authorized by the individual. We allows our users and website visitors access to their personal information and permit them to rectify, amend or delete inaccurate information, except where the burden or expense of providing access would be not appropriate to the risks to the privacy of the individual in the case in question or where the rights of persons other than the individual would be violated.


Modification or alteration of Privacy Policy will be done as required by the company and same will be posted on Bynaric Systems Privacy Policy on website. The revised policy dates will be mentioned at the time of modification. Bynaric Systems may modify the Policy from time to time. In addition, the Policy will indicate the date it was last revised. You are regarded to acknowledge and consent to be bound by any changes to the Policy when you use the Service after those changes are posted.


You may, of course, refuse to submit Personally Identifiable Information, in which case Bynaric Systems may not be able to provide certain services to you. If you do not agree with our Privacy Policy or Terms of Use, please unsubscribe form Bynaric Systems, and discontinue use of the our Service. Further, if you require you can choose to have the Personal Information provided by you deleted by writing to us if you continue to use our Service, it will indicate your confirmation to accept of our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.