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parenting solution

SapienKid is a new-age brand keen on providing parenting solutions. Modern parents are facing challenging issues in raising their children. The brand has been researching and developing tools making their work easier and even for inculcating life-saving habits to their off-springs.


parenting solution
What are these 7 verticals?
Have you ever wondered which of the areas your kid might need help? Don’t worry as we have you covered and done the hard job for you already. We have researched and compiled all of the vital info into what we lovingly call, the 7 Verticals. Read on to know more about what you’ll gain from each of these verticals.

Our parenting skills undergo a major risk as throughout their childhood our focus lies on nutrition for kids, and how well they look. No, we are not telling you to not focus on these areas. Besides this, we might also need health-related tips for kids, child psychology, and more. We will need to see if they are brushing their teeth in the right way or not. We will also need to figure out the best health practices that they develop over years like practicing hygiene and doing Sun salutations every day and so on.

 The next area where we felt that fellow parents needed some help was organizing. Don’t you wish your child would make his or her bed first thing in the morning? Have you also let out a scream while stepping on that lego piece by accident? We all have been through that and so we surely wish for them to at least learn a lesson or two on discipline and orderliness. We have tried to inculcate the same through our life-altering verticals and by offering education information to kids.

Developing manners in children should be our focus when we try to raise kids to become the future. Why? Because the world needs it, that’s why! Also, the relationship we have with our family, parents, and friends, shape us. We, as adults, know how easy it is to get into a fight or an argument. But we would want to have peace in the world, wouldn't we? This is exactly why we might as well go for establishing parent relations with kids.

What? Mindfulness for kids? - We can already hear a collective sound of incredulity reaching out to us. Yes, it is possible and it has far-reaching benefits as well. We shall be enlightening on yoga- benefits/ education/ information for kids. We shall talk about how to pray, and how to dream/ believe/ achieve as well to ensure our future generation grows the right way. We are also in urgent need of providing education information to kids on how to be proud Indian and care for the earth as a whole too. In short, we are in the need to create good humans and for that, we are striving keenly.

Does your child always show an inclination towards music & dance? Why don’t you take all the steps to encourage them? Do you know that your child will be able to pick up any creative pursuits as quickly as possible if you start parenting early? This said, we all listen to lullabies, and stories, all our childhood and so should our kids. Our module covers puzzles for kids, stories for kids, crafts activity for children, and more.

A child should grow and learn about the career options and industries where he or she can develop. Problem solving is not everyone’s cup of tea as adults. But at least, we can ensure the kids of the future get a better understanding of the same, They can learn about financial freedom, and work on identifying their future by using the tools for career orientation for children.

 As parents, our founders wanted their children to understand the value of money. Even as we were doing the R&D we realized that many parents browsed online for financial literacy topics. These would include finding answers to life –skills and questions such as What is insurance and more. Now, we have developed Sapien Fables books, DIY toys, and more. We are embarking on a revolutionary path by introducing parenting styles for new parents with effective stories, world-famous places, enjoyable songs, stories for kids, and habit calendars for kids.

These are usually the areas where parents face the maximum questions from their children. This is why we have chosen these seven critical verticals to create topics and make engaging story books or what we call as Sapien Fables. We also have created DIY models, games and activities, timelines, quotes, jokes, and puzzles, all of which are in the Wisdom Box. Check our packages to select a Wisdom Box for helping in inculcating education and enlightenment into your little ones!

Hear it from the founders

Mr.Vishwajit Patil

Co Founder of Sapienkid

Mr.Anil Jadhav

Co Founder of Sapienkid


parenting solution

50+ Enriching Sapien Fables

Our flagship product is the assortment of 50+ books for parents to read along with their kids. Sapien Fables are engaging books that not only help kids learn, but also encourage family time. Join our heroes, the Sapien Kids, on their adventurous missions, one story at a time!

parenting solution

Brain Growth App

The Sapien Kid App helps kids enhance their brain growth and development through various tasks. Cast and listen to audiobooks, dance along with fun rhymes and songs, and keep a track of all your healthy habits and earn rewards! Help your kids unlock their brain’s full potential with Sapien Kid’s Brain Growth App.

parenting solution


All the features of a smartwatch and more! The Sapien Kid smartwatch lets you track your child’s daily habits and set special habit reminders to help you stay on top of your parenting game! Stay in touch with your friends and family, track your heart beat, blood pressure, and make emergency calls.

parenting solution

Experts’ Sessions

Get access to specialized videos from our experts in various industries. Our expert videos tackle common concerns and frequently asked questions from parents, and offer a wide array of expert guidance. Our experts are verified and qualified, so our Sapien Kid family always has access to authentic expertise and knowledge!


We, the 21st century parents, have some problem or the other in raising kids. This struck with our founders, Mr. Vishwajit Patil, and Mr. Anil Jadhav as they embarked on parenthood respectively.

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Sapien Kid was conceptualized gradually, as the founders started listing and journaling their struggles and their problems in raising children. Their findings led them to realize:

•  Development of the child also means the sharpening of his or her brain.
•  The brain enables thoughts, boosts memory, movement, feelings, and emotions.
•  However, at birth, the human brain is only 30% developed.
•  The rest of the development happens after birth throughout the lifetime.
•  Knowledge sharing from parents to kids also has become a challenge as they do not know what to share and how!
•  Parents also struggle to find the best parenting style to choose for their child