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Diet Plan for New Moms after Delivery

Congratulations! You have delivered a child now and all you can think about is your baby. It is natural too but you should also note that your post-partum self also needs extensive care. Women jump into the role of a new mother almost instantaneously after delivery. They take care of their newborn and try to fit into their new chapter of raising a baby raising to their already existing tight schedule. All said, you cannot ask a new mom to take care of their own diet plan and health. 

Is New Mom’s Diet Plan a Necessity?

Of course! Right after delivery, a woman’s body becomes tired as it has been feeding and carrying a baby in it. The food a woman ate was not just for her. It was also for the baby and now that she has delivered it, there is a need to heal the body. 

Diet for a postpartum woman should be nutritious and aimed to keeping the body fitter. 

It doesn’t matter if you are breastfeeding or not. All it matters is that you have to heal and the best way to do is by replenishing it with vitamins and minerals from food. Busy new moms prefer to take pills of vitamins and minerals. Remember, there is nothing wrong with taking dietary supplements. But mothers actually need a balanced diet with proper dose of vitamins, minerals and proteins. On many cases, doctors may advise dietary and other extra supplements to keep the mother healthy. 

This entire phase of pregnancy and delivery causes a huge change in the hormones, besides physically and emotionally for the mom. A strict set of diet plan is not just an option, it is a necessity.  

How to Strike the Right Balance in Diet

  • Protein-rich foods: Yes, protein is necessary for the body to regain its strength. Many women become weak and it is advisable to go for a diet with protein rich food like soy, eggs, lean meats and seafood. The aim is to add protein in some quantity or the other. Mothers may add dairy-based tofu, soya chunk, and others. Some other doctors may also recommend the new mothers to have whey protein in their diet. New moms can discuss the same with their nutritionists or doctors if they do not want to eat some of this or can opt for any other protein source. 
  • Calcium- There is something about women and calcium deficiency. So, in order to get that bone strength, make sure to give at least 1000mg of calcium rich foods. This could be dairy in any form every single day. 
  • Iron- Another mineral that is crucial for the regularizing of blood circulation, is iron. You may go for any of the iron sources in foods here and plan for the inclusion of plant and dairy-based iron foods like beans, and tofu. 

Other Nourishment Sources for Breastfeeding Moms

Nursing mothers need a lot more nourishment. Their body has to get into that feeding moment right after delivery. To ensure their breastmilk supply goes undeterred, they need a lot of nutrition. Doctors often recommend the increase in the intake of Calories. New moms might require an extra 300 to 400 kcal to help them heal and get enough fitness to get back to regular life. This planning has to be keeping in mind that it would help in maintaining breastmilk supply. 

Eggs and fats from fish are going to be essential. However, the mothers who prefer began and vegetarian foods can take the same from beans, whole foods and nuts and seeds. 

Water intake is a mandatory requirement and many doctors recommend the same as it reduces exhaustion and also helps in the circulation and digestion. All of these play a great role even for moms to get back in shape after delivery.

New moms have a huge responsibility in hand and they cannot and should not remain ill or tired. Doctors also recommend women to continue with the same vitamin dosage that they had pre-birth. This shall help in keeping the hormonal balance intact. Besides these, new moms should try to get back to fitness, once they get approval from their doctors. They can opt for yoga, meditation, daily walks or other activities under the vigilant eyes of a trainer. 

It is advisable for new moms to keep out coffee and alcohol intake as much possible especially if they are breastfeeding. 

These are some of the recommendations that women try to follow to get back into regular healthy lifestyle after they have delivered a child. Fitness is not an absolute beginning and end all of everything.

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