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Parenting Blog

How To Stop My Child From Screaming?

Imagine you trying to sleep on a long-haul flight only to be rudely woken up by a scream of a child. This is every person’s worst moment- trust us! Even as you are trying to catch your forty winks, even the parent there is trying to calm their child. You might even be questioning the parenting skills of that parent.

Another scenario is when you walk around the supermarket with your cart to find a toddler throwing a tantrum. They may be throwing things around or simply causing a ruckus. You might try your best to calm him or her down but you might be clueless as to why they are doing this and embarrassing you! 

However, first things first, you might wonder why the toddler is screaming. Here are a few reasons why they are doing this! Let us enlighten fellow parents as to why.

Seeking Your Attention

Kids always want your attention and so when they see you calmly pick groceries, instead of talking to them or playing, they decided to get it anyhow. This is one of the primary reasons for kids to throw a fit right in the middle of public space. 

Kids are Growing Fast

As an infant, your babe might be eating whatever you feed them. They may not have a sense of what to wear, or favorite colors or styles. But as they grow, they hang out with you at the market and see you shop for things you like. This is why they also feel the need to establish their preferences. They presume that unless they cry and shout, you will not pay attention. This said you might not be giving in to everything they ask you. They feel that with their newly discovered ability to scream, they might as well show their displeasure. 

Tired or Hungry

Kids who are tired after a long day of running and playing, may not be in the mood to wait for you for more time. They might want to express their sleepiness. But as they want to lie down just then and there, you might drag them along. Bored and tired kids cry as that is how they have always got you to feed them so far. Hunger also could be a reason for them to cry so much or scream what might appear to be irrational. 

Want you to Buy Something for Them

A common reason for the kids to scream so much is because they may want something right now. It could be a toy or some chocolate or something else. This could be because they must have spotted a cookie you might not have given them earlier. After all, it was out of stock! They do not understand the meaning of time yet and so it is pointless for you to tell them any figures yet. 

Just for Fun

Kids are playful and they might enjoy simple acts with great excitement. They may squeal or scream just out of fun. They might find a mascot doing cartwheels and that would be hilarious or even see a child making funny faces. Such little gestures would be enough to excite them. They also enjoy that their tiniest screams can echo so much in a grand lobby of a fancy hotel more than at home. This said, your child might find great joy in just seeing you get flustered for all that they care for! 

Ways to Calm down Your Child

Try to Understand Your Kid

Why is your child screaming? Has something or someone hurt them? Ask them. Look at the triggers around them. Is it because the market is very crowded and they feel threatened? If that is the case, simply rush out with the child. Taking them away from that spot could be the best way to calm your child. If you feel they are simply bored, tell them that you will give them more time today to play with their toys. Incentivize their keeping calm with more time for bedtime storytelling and all. These can help them to be calm right away. 

Give it a Funny Twist

If you find your child crying because he wants to play, just go along. Tell them that you know of a game as well. If your child can talk in a lower voice than yours, he wins a special movie date with you. Such incentives work in your favor. Make it difficult and respond to them throughout. Give them the maximum attention. 

Ensure to Feed them Before an Outing

Kids normally cry and throw a temper tantrums when they are hungry or tired or both. Do not make them walk along the entire length of the market. Carry them around or feed them their food. Do not miss out on carrying their bottles of water, and snacks if you plan to go on a day-long shopping spree. It will also help if you could bring their perambulators along. They would be able to sleep and be comfortable as you shop. Their sense of belonging will help them in the long run. 

Stay Composed

Many parents react to this scream spree by screaming with the child or getting flustered and overwhelmed. The next time your child screams, simply remain calm and keep your face normal. Try to talk softly to your child. Do not get into a scream-fest with your child who is also already screaming at the top of his lungs. Try not to use the force of any kind as this might only aggravate the situation and make them cry more. 

Acknowledge their Discomfort

If you are eating out at a restaurant with your kid too, and they start screaming because of the surrounding, simply rush with your meal and move out. This will be a great way to calm them down. Try to take the child out and distract them if that was the only problem. If not, put them to sleep or do something or the other. 

Don’t Give in 

Many people might give in to the demands of their children just to keep them quiet. They may buy that unnecessary stuffed toy or that expensive dress just to calm them down. Kids therefore, note this behavior and try to use this as a way to manipulate and get things done for their own good. To stop this from happening, the parents should firstly stop giving in to the demands and this tactic.  

Teach them the Voice 

It is better to prepare them on what kind of voice is acceptable outside and which is not. This will work for kids that can understand and can use words for communication. Whatever the case, parenting is a big responsibility and every day might come with its new range of challenges. We have spoken about the times when the kids cry or scream in public. There are also times when kids (even babies) might cry at night. We shall address that area too, in another blog. To read more about our helpful tips and tools to help you in offering holistic development in children, we recommend you to check SapienKid’s blog section.

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