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Parenting Blog

Inculcating Reading Habits In Your Child

“Reading is essential for those who seek to rise above the ordinary.” – Jim Rohn

Your childhood was different from your child’s. Today, they are studying online from a mobile phone. You all believed in playing in the mud, rolling in the sand, reading comics and laughing out loud. 

The Reading Gap

Today’s kids stay indoors as they have several restrictions or constraints, some that even you have imposed on them. You are thankful that at least, your kids have still not completely gone book-less! Yes, books are your child’s best friend and as someone from that generation, who held onto books to clear exams, no one knows that better. Reading books made our thoughts more clear and sorted!

Yes, today, times have changed and we have gone digital from many angles. But there is some indescribable charm attached to reading books that every bibliophile would agree with. Therefore, if you want your child to start reading books, here are a few tips to follow. 

Go for Mindful Reading Hours

Set a time of the day for reading something or the other. You may have to begin a lifestyle that encourages you to pick a book or a magazine or even a newspaper to read. Start with reading the newspaper, first thing in the morning. Solve the crossword puzzle and spend some time reading current affairs and other segments one by one. Therefore, set a time and read a novel.

Encourage Mirroring by Mindful Reading

Kids love to mirror whatever adults do. If you notice your child observing every action you do, just ensure you do what is right. One such action is reading. Show interest in shopping for books and re-reading. Whatever you do, center your actions around reading books. 

Start by Reading Out Stories to Them

Let’s say, When they are still very young, pick a book and read it to them. Let them trace as you hold their fingers on each of the letters and do not forget to emote. Show shock, fun, surprise, and other emotions. Books can teach our children to emote and this is by far the best way you can introduce them to real life. Some parents even start reading out aloud to their kids who are in their wombs. This is a great rush of positivity you bring into the life of a child. Read pleasant and child-friendly tales to them. 

Make Family Time Special

Every day should end with a book. Make this a practice. Share stories with your child about your culture, your family, and how proud you are. This way you can inculcate great habits of reading, telling, and listening to stories. You can all sit and read and react to stories. This will go a long way. Telling a story is fun and to share one, they must learn one. 

Make Your Home Book-friendly:

Have a reading corner in the room and spend a lot of time getting a neat bookshelf. It could be a small rack or a dresser if you have less space. Consequently, there you can have a cozy couch and a bright reading light, along with a small table with a note and a pen. Urge your child to note down their favorite quotes, or simply draw what they understood from their favorite or recently read books. 

This will build a great environment for your kids to read. Whereas, You may also keep a bookshelf for your reading as well, and tell them that they will get to read those books when they grow up. Alternatively, you can make it look as a challenging task that they would only benefit from when they grow up. 

Library Membership should be a Must:

Your child should know the road to the library and consider it the best place for gaining knowledge. Make it natural for them to go to a library for any referencing or researching work. Instead of picking up your smartphone for researching for their assignments, urge them to go to the library and do the needful. This habit has already lost its sheen over the years but it’s time we revive the same. 

Gift and Shop for Books Regularly

Many people might give their child a toy or a doll or even new clothes. However, it’s time you start giving them books. They must make a bucket list of books they should read. In the early years, you pick the books in the same genre as per their liking. It makes sense to give them something that they would love the most. When they receive any money as a gift from grandparents or extended families, ensure to take them to the book shop and buy books with that money. Instill in them the pride to collect all of these books in a series. They should value books over any other thing. 

Be The Best Reader!

  • Reading goes beyond just shopping or gifting books alone. 
  • They must start covering the book if they read or handle it carelessly.
  • They must take a book from the shelf, and keep it back in the same spot where they took it from. 
  • They must not write with pens on the pages. Consequently, appreciate when they do so.
  • However, if they want to color-code their book arrangement as per the color of the book covers allow them to do so.
  • They should not thumb or curl the corners of the book and if they keep one book in such a good condition, then treat them with another book.
  • Keep the excitement or curiosity quotient high up at all times. Only then can they become a good reader in the future. Bring back the love for books as this generation needs bibliophiles urgently. 

Many parents might not be sure of what to give to their children and what books they should read. We, from SapienKid, are aiming to help parents by curating books across various life-altering verticals. There are stories and even fantasy-styled tales on each of these topics for your children. Grab a copy of the Sapien Fable and read it out to your child. They will learn a lot about life on topics not taught in most schools.

To buy and gift a book to your child, shop from SapienKid’s website now!

Furthermore, to get such handy and useful parenting tips, you can also visit our Sapien Parenting Page.

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