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Parenting Blog

Active Listening while Dealing with Adolescent Child

My child just turned thirteen, and it has been really difficult to understand what my child actually wants. 

I feel just listening to your child is not enough, you need to actively listen to your child. 

Active listening is listening actively to your child. Trying to understand what they are feeling and reflecting back on what your child is saying without judging them.

Benefits of Actively Listening to your Child

  1. Improves Communication

    When you actively listen to your child, he feels that he is being heard and will come back again to discuss things with you.

  2. Builds Positive Relationship

    Actively listening to your kid will make them feel safe and make your relationship with them healthier.

  3. Makes Them Feel Respected

    As adults when you are under stress, you prefer to going to someone to open up. The same happens with your child as well. When you actually hear them out it makes them feel valued and respected.

  4. Help Resolve Conflict

    We often like speaking more than listening, but you will be surprised to know how many conflicts you can resolve by just listening occasionally. Listening to your child will give you a different perspective.

  5. Builds Trust

    The best way to handle your teenager is by gaining their trust, and that happens when they feel that you are on their side and actually understand them.

  6. Enables to Identify Problems

    Once you actually start understanding your child, you will be able to comprehend what is actually the problem your child is facing. This way you can always help them to gain a better perspective about their problems.

Understanding an adolescent is not a cakewalk, but sometimes putting yourself in their shoes is necessary. Teenagers will be moody, cranky and will always get on your nerves. But always remember that they just need someone to understand and listen to them, and who better than their parents?

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