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7 Vertical Education and Career Parenting tips

Activities to enhance focus in children

Focus is the attention required by a child’s brain to process specific information. Making a child learn how to accomplish this in a world full of distractions is very crucial for them to function properly.

How do children learn to focus?

As newborns, babies start to focus on things like a caregiver’s face or voice. But they’ll turn their attention to any new sound or object. Selecting, shifting, and sustaining attention are different skills that kids build over time.

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Activities to improve focus

Coloring– A simple activity of coloring within the lines is actually a fantastic way for kids to develop their ability to focus. Not only does it help hand strength and accuracy, but taking the time to make sure they color between the lines requires attention to detail, which in turn leads to improved ability to concentrate.

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Scissor Practice – Simply take a piece of paper or card, draw some simple lines, and ask your child to cut along as close to the line as possible. As they improve, you can make the lines more complex, and in turn improve their skills.

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Matching flashcard game – Memory games are the perfect way to help kids learn how to retain information effectively. All you need are some simple flashcards with matching pairs. Place them all face down, and challenge your child to lift them one at a time to make pairs. The fact that they will have to remember what each card said will help develop their memory, and in turn, concentration.

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Coin Sequencing – Simply take a few coins, and ask your child to organize them from 1Re all the way up to 10 Rs. You can also switch up this game by challenging your child to arrange the coins from smallest to largest.

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The tray game – Place a few objects on a tray, and allow your child to study it for thirty seconds. Then, cover the tray with a cloth and get them to recount all the objects they can remember. This game is great as it can be adapted to your child’s ability, adding more or less objects as you see fit.

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Why should children focus?

Focus is important because it is the gateway to all thinking: perception, memory, learning, reasoning, problem solving, and decision making. When a child’s focus is aligned with their actions, it will produce great results.

Happy Parenting!

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