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7 Vertical Education and Career Parenting tips

Why do your kids imitate you?

We have seen that during the early stages of a child they imitate their parents a lot. Children start imitating parents right from six months of age. They register every small gesture of their parents. 

According to Albert Bandura, people learn from imitating others around them and their surroundings and label it as Modeling. Now the question that  arises is why do children imitate or what they learn from mirroring their parents or other elders?

What do kids learn from imitating

They are learning how emotions work

Children don’t usually understand what they feel. Their brains are not developed to understand and label their emotions yet. Children brought up in an aggressive environment tend to be more violent and children raised in a healthy environment are more calm.

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They are trying to be independent-

When a child imitates you, this actually gives them the understanding that they have control over themselves. This makes them feel confident and independent about themselves.

They are learning how to communicate

Children like to speak a lot and when they imitate, they copy the tone and the words. When they learn new words from imitating, they try to put it into normal conversation.

They are sharpening their social skills-

They may imitate the way you greet someone, or the way you react at some inconvenience, and consider it to be a new social skill. While this may create some funny (or even embarrassing!) instances for parents, it’s actually something worth celebrating.


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Children are very curious and observant. They like experimenting with new things. They imitate their elders and surroundings out of curiosity. Observing and copying their surroundings is a part of their brain development. 

Imitation means that the child is learning and developing well according to his age. Never stop a kid from imitating as it can stop their developing stage.

Happy Parenting!

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