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Building Self-Esteem in Kids

Being a parent is tough. It surely is the greatest responsibility but it comes with its own troubles. New parents are often clueless – what is the right thing to do? In times like these having a parenting expert at your fingertips is a blessing. 

Do Kids have Self Esteem?

Contrary to popular belief that kids are always happy and confident, many times kids do not feel happy and struggle to be confident. Low self-esteem can have a massive effect on kids, extending well into their adulthood. It is the parents’ responsibility to notice and understand their kids. 

Self-esteem in kids is very important to be self-sufficient and confident. Having high self-esteem can have profound effects on the personality of a person. Just like adults, kids can too have issues with self-esteem.

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Having low self-esteem can have a negative impact on the kids. It is important for kids to feel comfortable and confident in what they are doing. Having high self-esteem helps them perform better at every activity or task they perform.

Ways to build self-esteem

A child’s self-esteem can be very fragile. It is the parents’ responsibility to make sure that they provide an environment that can build the child’s confidence. 

Encourage independence

Getting kids to do some activities by themselves is known to boost their confidence. Once they start doing things on their own, they feel more self-sufficient, and it also becomes easier for the parents.


When your child does something on their own, make sure you give them praise or word of encouragement. It works as positive reinforcement, motivating them to do the task again and do it better. 

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Don’t insult

Just like adults, insulting children can have negative effects on them as well. Instead of yelling or being angry at them for things, try and be encouraging and comforting. Reassuring works wonder. 

Developing their strengths

 Instead of focusing on their weaknesses, motivate and support them to develop their strengths. Knowing that they can be good at something can be a positive reinforcement for them. 

Show love, every day

Unconditional love has a big impact on self-esteem. Knowing that someone will love you no matter what can be a big relief to the kids, creating a safe space for them.

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Don’t overdo it

Parents need to give full attention to how their child is behaving at home and in social settings. Having high self-esteem will help them develop into a smart and happy individual. It is also important to do everything in the right amount. Too much praise can also have negative effects on the kids. 

Children need to be confident and not overconfident. Correcting them when they are wrong is also necessary. Parents should also be good role models to their children, kids learn better from their parents. 

Set goals for them, together. Accomplishing those goals will provide them with confidence in themselves. Even if they are unable to, motivate them to try again and not give up. It is important to make them feel that they can achieve their goals.

Happy Parenting!

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