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Can Playing Puzzles Enhance Creativity in Children?

Isn’t it nice to see your child sit and work on his jigsaw puzzle? We love seeing them sit so calmly (for once) and try to figure out where to place the next piece. The same way, many parents happily take their child to chess class or even for classes where they can learn to solve some puzzle or work their way out through mazes. These are interesting avenues for children and even for some parents who take active interest in these games even in adulthood. 

Actually, if you look back at the history of the word, ‘puzzle’ you will realize that it means ‘bewilder, or confound’ or to put it simply- to pique the curiosity of kids to help them think ingeniously. 

This is the first time in their life they learn how to solve puzzles visually. So, it captivates their attention span and makes them sit and work on them for long. All said, a prudent parent would also want logic and here we present them to you.

Improves Hand-Eye Coordination

Puzzles like the jigsaw puzzle, or the other wooden puzzles are great for managing the hand-eye coordination. Kids can go ahead with playing puzzles like maze games whereby they can improve their attention. Even if it is a simple game of hide-and-seek, kids will learn how to walk with their eyes closed. They can guide themselves with the help of outstretched hands. 

Creativity and its Ties with Problem Solving

To reach the goal of the puzzle or a riddle, a person will have to think differently and out of the box. Kids learn this and therefore, tackle problem solving in a great manner. They realize that every problem has a solution and one should not assume that there is only one way out. There can be more ways out and only a highly-developed and creative mind can find its way out. 

Puzzles help a child look at finding a way out sometimes with others, like parents who assist them. They also learn to single-handedly solve riddles, like number riddles and word riddles later on their own. 

This also opens up an array of careers for them in the future. For instance, a child eager to find solutions can become an architect, a developer, or a doctor too! Parents who want their child to apply logic and reasoning should start it early and here’s where creative and analytical thinking comes to the forefront. 

Puzzles help in cognitive development for sure. But do not simply stick to jigsaw puzzles alone. Their brains are more than competent, which is what you have to understand and therefore, give them challenges that are one level up. See how fast they solve a puzzle and produce something of a slightly higher level. Also, try to cheer them up even if they fail. Some of these riddles and puzzle games are tough for adults, let alone kids! 

So, cheer them up and join them on the way to tackle the puzzles of life!

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