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Importance of making friends

Friendship is valuable and we need this relationship all life. The friendship you form in your childhood years is what you try to keep all through and take great efforts to protect it. 

In our adult years, we hardly see that kind of friendship or camaraderie with our adult friends. What’s so special about having friends in our life? Do we need any at all?

For a Healthy State of Mind

Friends make us feel happy and that’s that. You can find better peace of mind when you have a friend or more to share your feelings. Not every day will be smooth and that’s why you need friends. There might be friends at different places. Kids might have friends in the neighborhood, in their school, their basketball team or class. It doesn’t matter who, what matters is the way you can get friends to understand you. 

The First Relationship Outside Family

It is true that only family members are the first people a child meets till the time he goes to school. A new world of adults open up where the kid also meets other kids like him. They easily blend with them, though a little stiff in the initial stages. This is normal as kids are speaking to any outsider for the first time in their life. However, with help, they learn to share with their friends and care for them. They also learn several values of life from friends including emotions and how to manage them

Emotional Support

Kids also have emotional upswings and we as adults or parents need to grasp that. They too may have their highs and lows, which they might want some shoulder to cry on. Who better to do that than a friend? This kind of emotional support is not what parents can offer and adults might only end up being frustrated at not being able to reach out. 

Motivation from the Very Unlikeliest Places

Friends may be the first person to wish you a happy birthday. They may also be the first to encourage you even when you look or feel the most miserable. This is natural for a friend to help their friends out of their darkest phases. We have seen such friends and only can wish for everyone to have such a great friendship too. 

A Partner to Joke and Laugh Around

The best part about having a friend is the way you can be yourself. You need not pretend to be someone you cannot be. Your friend will in fact see through you, even if you do. You can joke carelessly, go on unplanned trips, and have someone to laugh at your jokes and do wacky things with you. Yes, if you are lucky enough, you can even get a friend for life that way.

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