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Parenting Blog

Know about Raising A Confident Child

As the child made a crude drawing of nature, he saw his mother scrunch her face. Her father was mildly encouraging. This drew a range of thoughts in the mind of the little child. “Is my drawing bad? Why did mom make this face? Is it that bad? Should I stop from making any more drawings?” In short, you can expect a barrage of emotions flowing down a child’s mind. 

It’s at this point you must remember that your priority is to raise a confident child who can present his expressions without fear or hesitation. 

Acknowledge that You are Human

To err is human and you are no different. Talk to your child of the moments you too failed but also the time you got everything together and succeeded. Only then you are going to imprint in their innocent minds that it’s fine to make mistakes. What matters is that you tried. 

Explore New

Take your child to a place he has not been before- this could be a new route to his school, a new park, or even to a family event. Kids should know how important it is to cherish their culture and family time. Introduce them to the family tree, the map of the world, your important festivals and all. These are little things but can make a great change in your child’s life. They will then interact with new people and shed their inhibitions. You may take the lead in showing them how to be confident in foreign places to help them follow your footsteps. 

Encourage them To Develop New Skills

Whether it is to teach them a foreign language, or a life skill like swimming or cleaning up after themselves or even cooking, encourage them. Only then can they focus their energy in being optimistic and a happy soul. 

Allow Them to Cherish the Experience

Do not let them worry about whether they can excel or not. Just ask them to enjoy the learning process. Even if they fall down, and get hurt while practicing to learn cycling, do not stop their training. Teach them to use perseverance and when they keep on doing it, appreciate them. Their efforts at doing it better than a day ago should be what you focus on. If they excel in this art or skill, it is definitely great. But for kids to be confident, this should be your priority.

Work on Improving Family Time

The kids feel confident and optimistic about their family when they find the connection. To ensure this happens, teach them to help around the house. Include them when you are going to get the groceries, or medicines. Take them to the bank, teach them how money and banks work. Tell them your childhood stories or other positive stories if you find any worthwhile. 

The Final Point (A Bonus)

Love your child unconditionally and show it. They are not in the stage to just assume you love them yet. They would want you to openly hug them, cheer for them, take care of them when they fall ill, or injure themselves. Give them that hug when you come home. They are still a baby and will remain so all their life even when they grow up. Give them the gift of life skills, and improve their experiences in life by showing kindness to them and everyone around.

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