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Parenting Blog

Tips to Improve Your Child’s Sleep Pattern

You may have noticed that your toddler is not sleeping that well as he used to as a newborn. This is a fact that infants sleep well and almost all day! Some lucky parents state that their children never remained awake and would sleep properly at night. But with time, kids may lose out on their sleep.

Pediatricians claim that kids need all the sleep they can get. There are primarily two phases that could be the REM phase and the NREM or the No-rapid Eye Movement.

The latter is what you call the quieter part of the sleep that your child will actually sleep well. Kids tend to switch in these two phases back and forth after some time.

Then there are early risers, who will rise up early even if they sleep late. But all said, we have to remember that if the child did not have a good night’s sleep, the entire family will suffer. The child will become groggy, and disoriented all morning, and worse, remain cranky all day. So, all this amounts to one thing- to make the child develop a better sleep pattern. Newborn kids will sleep at a stretch for five hours and not more because they will need to wake up regularly to have food.

Here we discuss a few strategies for your babies to go to sleep well.

Relax Before Going to Bed:

Make sure to have a gentle conversation with your child before putting them to bed. You can even dim the lights of the room, and meditate with them watching you. Kids love to mimic elders and this is certainly a great habit to follow for life. With meditation, their minds might clear up and they can sleep peacefully without any disturbing or restless thoughts. 

Plan a Proper Night Routine:

Finish your dinner or supper for them early in the evening. Then change them into their night clothes that should be comforting and not too tight or too loose. Then make them sit and read a book with you. You may pick a SapienKid’s book and show them the illustration as you read out the stories. These stories are great habit-makers and therefore, help your child grow well.

No Lights or Sounds:

Children will find it disturbing to sleep in a dark room alone. If they sleep with you, then make sure to have a night lamp. Even otherwise, if they sleep in their room, make sure to have a night lamp that just keeps them comforting and does not scare them. Also, do not make them sleep in the room adjacent to the living room where the television blaring loud noises. Make sure to do away with all of the devices at least one hour before bedtime.

Be Watchful of What they Watch

Do not let the children watch on television during the day. If they watch anything disturbing or scary, they tend to get a disturbed sleep. However, if they watch something sweet, they will get a peaceful night’s sleep.

Make A Bedtime Routine

Yes, make a routine before bedtime, but more importantly, stick to it. Make sure to take the child to bed when they are still awake. This would help them realize that they have to go to sleep on their own. Do not delay their sleep time as much as possible. If you are traveling also, make sure to put them to bed in their usual time.

Toys and Accessories

Kids may love to sleep with their favorite toy, or a cozy blanket. Make sure to have these with them. Make them drink their bed outside their bed and then brush their teeth to remove formation of tooth decay.

Is it So Easy to Make the Kids Fall Asleep

No! Especially as your children start growing, you will notice they sleep lesser. Calm the child if they cry and then leave them to sleep on their own and do not pick them up. Try not to talk or make them wide awake if they want to go to the loo. Make sure to take them to bed everytime they get up. This way they will know that they are to sleep.

Set an alarm in the morning, so that they wake up on their own at that time. Make sure to adjust the speed of the fan or the AC or heater to make their night’s sleep comfortable.

When all of these fit a correct routine, the sleep pattern also will get adjusted. With time, they will follow a healthy routine to sleep and wake up fresh and happy in the morning!

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