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Parenting Blog

Teaching the Kids about the Importance of Family Relationships

It takes a village to raise a child- this is a famous African proverb and yet, is very universal in thought. You may be a helicopter parent or someone who is completely aware of every need of your child. But there might be times when you might need to seek the help of someone else to raise your child as well. No, we are not talking of the nanny. 

We are talking about family members, your parents, grandparents, uncles, or aunts. Modern parents are nowadays, doing everything to ensure their kids learn the importance of family relationships. But why should you go for teaching the kids the value of being in a family? Let’s check out a few reasons. 

  • The Closest Bond: When the kids are born, among the first ones to visit them are the grandparents. They and the immediate uncles, aunts, and cousins would be the first faces for the child to see. This is why they form an inseparable bond with them. 
  • Emotional Support: Kids tend to look for support from parents. But in families with grandparents, they tend to find the same from them as well. Grandparents are always the most enthusiastic ones to extend emotional support to them. Whether it is a small scratch on the knee or a low score, a grandparent will never be as condescending as a parent. The kids tend to warm up and open up more to them than anyone else. 
  • The First Best Friends: Kids who grow up with cousins of similar generation or age group, tend to be happier. They learn to care and share faster and make friends across all genders, with ease. They appreciate and find ways to take care of each other. These lessons are not something that one can learn on their own. A cousin is also the best sibling one can ask for and a friend, much before kids go out to socialize. 
  • Stick Through Thick or Thin: A family always stays together no matter what. This is the driving force for any relationship as close as parents and siblings. Kids who stay with their extended families know who to fall back on when they need to. They also know how to help their cousins and uncles or grandparents when they are in need. They should not be boastful but at least extend their moral support when someone needs them. Such valuable lessons form the crux of happy family life. 
  • Better Development: Kids who have healthy family support and appreciation from childhood grow up to be happier and emotionally intelligent individuals. They know how to be there when someone is in pain or needs a word of appreciation. Such thoughtfulness will only come when you raise the kids in a close-knit family environment. 

All said and done, these reasons should be enough for you to gauge why it is important to teach the kids the value of being with family. We, from Sapien Kid, have listed out everything to bring such values and more for kids under one umbrella. We have come up with Wisdom Boxes which are packed up with lessons for life. 

To get such handy and useful parenting tips, you can also visit our Sapien Parenting Page.

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