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Parenting Blog

The Real World Problems of Parents in 2022

Are you a new parent of a three-year-old? It is quite obvious that your kid is the center of all your attention. Your day begins with concerns about your child and ends with what he will become in the future. Such thoughts eat up a lot of our time to be precise. “Of course, only We shall worry about our child!” asserts every parent ever. Your queries might be anything from their health to their brain growth and more.

We get it! Parents have a lot of concerns already in their heads. Let us break them down one by one.

 Health of my child: These days, kids have poorer health conditions across the world. The quality of the air they breathe, to the food they have, is all poor. There are more cases of malnutrition or obesity now than ever. So, parents anywhere around the world will talk about how their child refuses to eat a specific staple item. They are also worried about how to get their kid to start on healthy habits. 

  •     Old Habits Die Hard: Parents these days don’t have time for their kids though they are also at home. Kids who have been home for more than two years will now find it difficult to come out of it. Parents will have a tough time now in 2022 to bring them to adapt new rules and habits. 
  •     Knowledge or the Abundance of it:Parents do not know how much they can share with their kids. Kids are curious about everything they see right from their infancy. Only that parents do not know if they can simply Google for answers or rely on something more trustworthy. You will find plenty of answers everywhere. But this abundance itself can be scary. 

Beating the Real World Problems

Now that we have spoken out loud, we know most of the parents are already heaving a sigh of relief. We have the solutions rather straightforward for you. “What? Were the solutions to these problems here all this while?” Yes, it has been. Only that we have been too busy to check for instant solutions that we have ignored what has been staring at us all this while. 

Sapien Kid is the new age platform offering all-around parenting solutionsWe have researched for you and created books on different essential topics that your kids in their growing years will need. For instance, you can get your child to learn how to think and solve their problems for themselves through an engaging story. There are DIY activities, games, and just the right amount of information for you to share with them. Read out the books, or play with them, and there will never be a dull moment. 

We aim to reduce screen time and increase face time as we believe that kids seek that! All of our activities and stories insist on this. 

Modern problems need solutions that suit the same. So, here you have all of the solutions that will make parenting a little bit easier and your child’s brain growth for the better. We commit to making Sapien kids, the symbol and epitome of evolution. 

To get such handy and useful parenting tips, you can also visit our Sapien Parenting Page.

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