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7 Vertical Health Parenting tips

Toothpaste for Kids

Help is always welcome, especially when you are a new parent. Each parent has a different experience raising kids. With different experiences also comes diverse opinions and advice. It becomes a task to navigate between these, and that is where having a parenting expert to rely on is a blessing. 

Even though we rarely consider it, toothpaste plays a significant role in our dental hygiene routine. And while everyone is aware of the value of brushing twice a day, toothpaste’s significance is less evident. Some individuals use a lot, while others only use water, and some individuals prepare their own tooth-cleaning treatments. It’s crucial to brush your teeth thoroughly and understand how toothpaste can improve your overall oral hygiene

What is toothpaste made of?

Toothpaste is made up of the following cleaning ingredients:

  • Humectant (helps control moisture) and water (75%)
  • Abrasive (20%)
  • Foaming and flavoring agents (2%)
  • pH buffers (2%)
  • Coloring agents, binders, and opacifiers (1.5%)
  • Fluoride (.24 %)

Why Use Toothpaste?

Brushing with toothpaste (particularly toothpaste with fluoride) helps to:

  • Remove plaque
  • Resist decay
  • Promote remineralization (strengthening enamel that has been attacked by acids) 
  • Clean and polish teeth
  • Remove teeth stains
  • Freshen breath

Which Toothpaste is the Best?

The most important component of toothpaste is fluoride. The brand or kind of toothpaste (paste, gel, or powder) normally makes no difference as long as it contains fluoride. All fluoride toothpaste efficiently prevents cavities and plaque while also cleaning and polishing tooth enamel. Make sure the toothpaste is approved by the government lab. Toothpastes may contain other components for various things but fluoride is the real active component that fights the hardest to keep your family and child’s teeth healthy.

Toothpaste for Kids

There are more stringent “requirements” for using toothpaste around kids. To assess toothpaste use in children based on their risk of developing tooth decay, parents should always check with their children’s dentist. 

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Children Under Age Three

To reduce the risk of swallowing too much fluoride toothpaste, children aged 3 and under, should have their teeth brushed by an adult if at risk. Children under the age of three only need a thin smear of toothpaste.

Children between ages 3&-6

When using toothpaste, children aged 3-6 should be watched closely during brushing and should continue to be watched until they have reached a point where they can brush on their own. Only a pea-sized amount of toothpaste is advised for children this age.

How much Fluoride in Toothpaste is Safe for Children

It’s important for parents to purchase a brand that contains the proper amount of fluoride  for their child. The amount of fluoride in various toothpaste brands varies significantly, as can be seen when reading the contents on the back of the tubes.

Toothpaste for Children500ppmF – 1,450ppmF
Toothpaste for Adults1,000ppmF – 1,450ppmF

                                                                                                           (parts per million of fluoride)

Adults should also pay attention

Fluoridated toothpaste should be used carefully by both adults and children to minimize the danger of dental fluorosis and maximize the benefits of fluoride. Dental fluorosis can cause white streaks or slight discoloration on your teeth, but it is not a disease and does not compromise the structural integrity of your teeth. The consequences of dental fluorosis are often minor, and only a dentist would typically be able to observe the effects it causes on your teeth.

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In general, fluoride toothpaste is secure and advised for both kids and adults. However, it’s crucial to utilize it properly, particularly for infants and small children. Talk with your child’s dentist or primary care provider about when is the best time for your toddler to begin using toothpaste.

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