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Benefits of Journal Writing

Journal writing is one of the best techniques to teach your child for their behavioral development. This way kids can learn to convey their thoughts and manage their emotions. This enhances their writing skills as well. 

In this modern age it’s very important that your children talk and communicate things to someone. Writing down thoughts helps a person to manage their mental health. 


It increases your child’s positivity– Children often do not understand what all they should be grateful for. When they actually start to write it down it becomes concrete in their conscious mind. This makes them more positive and grateful in their lives.

2. It reduces stress– Children who are taught to be grateful from a very early age tend to focus less on negative things. This helps them in managing their stress at a very early stage.

3. It improves your child’s self esteem- Writing a journal makes you more aware about your emotions, strengths and weaknesses. This way your child can focus more on their weaknesses hence developing a sense of self esteem and self confidence. Children having a higher sense of self esteem succeed more in life.

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4. It improves their writing and communication skills– Children often feel it difficult to label their emotions verbally, whereas writing it down will give them a deeper knowledge about their emotions and self. It’s a much easier way of communicating things. This can also help your child in developing a new hobby for writing ideas.

5. It helps them  understand their emotions – The childhood is filled with a lot of emotions and new feelings. Making your child write down their emotions in a private space can help them understand their emotions. They need a space with no judgment and a journal is the best place.

6. It inspires their creativity– Children have very unique ideas and imaginations . Writing them down can actually enhance their creativity skills and unleash a new world for them.

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Explore the different kinds of Journaling

1. Gratitude Journal– A gratitude journal is where you write down whatever you have in life and grateful for. This makes a child learn the importance and value of things and relationships.

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2. Dream Journal– In a dream journal you can write down about your dreams and your subconscious thoughts and throw light upon them.

3. To do list Journal– Maintaining a to do list journal is very important at every age. Writing what needs to be done throughout the day. This helps you manage your time accordingly, not letting you get overwhelmed by the workload. You also learn how to prioritize tasks with the help of this kind of journal.

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4. Stream of consciousness– This journal will consist of whatever thoughts or patterns you think or imagine which might make no sense to you. This will help you gain clarity when you come back and read it and understand more about your behavioral patterns.

Writing and maintaining a journal does require practice and consistency, but once your child learns it you can see various behavioral enhancements in them. This will also enhance and boost their creativity skills.

Happy Parenting!

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