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How to raise an emotionally intelligent child?

Making your child emotionally intelligent is as important as having a child with a high IQ. An emotionally intelligent child knows how to respond in stressful situations. When a child learns to be aware of his own emotions from a very early age, he tends to be more upfront and communicative in his future relationships. Emotionally intelligent children also learn how to handle negative emotions and overcome it in a mature way.

How to develop Emotional Intelligence in kids?

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  1. Listen to them- Always let your child feel heard. Let him speak his emotions and his feelings to you. Parents are the first caregivers and teachers, and by listening to them you make them emotionally mature .
  2. Open your heart out to them– If you are going through a bad phase, talk to them about it, explain to them what you are feeling. This way they learn to value and understand other feelings. They also learn about the negative emotions and how to deal with them.
  3. Try not to judge people – Children learn very fast through non verbal actions. If you judge someone the children learn that their behavior will not be accepted and judged by you henceforth leading them to be emotionally immature.
  4. Practice various life situations with them– Preparing your children for real world problems and how to face them can help them to develop emotional stability and maturity beforehand.

How can developing Emotional Intelligence help in children?

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  1. High self control and self knowledge– Children who have high EQ also understand and develop self control and self knowledge . They understand how to handle stressful situations and emotions which makes them mature.
  2. High EQ is linked with high IQ- A person who has high EQ will automatically gain high IQ . Training your kids for being emotionally mature will not only make them independent and self-reliant their IQ will also increase with time.
  3. Better relationships– A person who has high emotional intelligence, handles his/her relationships with great understanding and maturity, leading to a successful and healthy relationship.
  4. Improved Mental health- A person who is emotionally stable will also always have a stable mental health. He knows how to communicate his real emotions and work towards his behavior without getting offended in life.
  5. Developed problem solving skills-  A person learns problem solving skills when he develops the maturity to understand the actual problem. When you understand what the person is going through you understand what the person is feeling and tend to be more productive.

Happy Parenting!

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