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7 Vertical Health Parenting tips

Happy Smiles- Teeth Caring for Kids

Being a parent is not easy. New parents often struggle with finding the right way to raise their children. There are many things that you need to focus on to make sure that your children grow up to become good human beings. To have a parenting expert at your fingertips is a blessing.

Teeth hygiene and having healthy teeth are important habits to teach your children.

A healthy set of teeth is an asset. Our teeth require a lot of care and attention. The position and integrity change at certain stages of human life. 

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Teeth Facts:

  1. A child has 20 primary teeth, which start to fall off by the age of 6-7. Permanent teeth start coming in.
  2. By the time they are 20-21, a person has a full set of teeth i.e 32 teeth.

Types of teeth

There are 4 types of teeth, each located at a particular position in the mouth to ensure smooth working of the mouth. 

  • Incisors are the front teeth located in the upper and lower jaws. They are thin and sharp, both pairs working together to cut food.
  • Canines are the pointed pair of teeth on the incisor’s side in both the jaws. The pointy ends help tear the food.  
  • Premolars are flat-surfaced teeth on both jaws used to crush food. 
  • Molars are located at the back of the mouth also helping to grind the food.

Dental Problems in Kids

Teeth are prone to damage if they are not taken care of properly. Kids especially are more prone to damaging their teeth.


Cavity is an issue faced by children and adults alike. Cavities occur when leftover food and bacteria are left and not brushed away. Acid is formed, creating holes or cavities over time. A cavity can be painful and can cause sensitivity as well. Diet plays an important role in the creation of cavities. Food with too much sugar, starch, and carbohydrates is a major cause of cavities. 

Apart from cavities, there are other major issues like bad breath, bleeding of gums, yellowing of teeth, and even tooth decay. Teeth are an important factor in a person’s overall confidence. Bad breath and teeth yellowing can affect their confidence.

How to Avoid Dental Problems

Teaching kids to take care of their teeth is important. Teeth care is vital at every stage of life. Starting from the beginning will be beneficial in the long run. Parents must start caring for their child’s teeth from the time they start teething to the time they develop their full set of primary teeth.

Primary teeth are fully developed by the time kids are 3-4. Instilling good habits can be beneficial.

Brushing twice a day

Starting with the basic rule of brushing teeth twice a day. Many parents forget this important rule. Brushing teeth before going to sleep and brushing teeth after waking up prevents many teeth problems and keeps teeth healthy for a long time to come. Simply brushing is also not enough to keep teeth from problems. 

Selecting Toothpaste for Kids

Using the right toothpaste and the right amount is just as important. Too much toothpaste can also be a problem. Kids should only use a pea-sized amount of toothpaste. Fluoride is important for keeping the enamel of the teeth intact. Toothpaste contains an adequate amount of fluoride, but using the right amount of it is something to pay attention to. Avoiding too much sugar or starch in a child’s diet is also a good way to avoid teeth problems at an early age. Limiting the amount of chocolates and sweet syrups is a good way to avoid problems too.

Regular Dental Checkups 

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Dentist checks for kids are an integral part of taking care of teeth. At least twice a year is recommended if there aren’t any visible problems. 

Complaints about toothaches or visible tooth decay should not be taken lightly. Taking care of teeth is an excellent habit to teach your child about which would always make sure that they have healthy smiles.

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