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Parenting Blog

Let’s Get into the Habit Challenge

How much do you wish your child to become healthy? A lot, actually, right? We all earn, and wish to become masters in this game too. You may have seen your child grab that tub of French fries or that chocolate pastry quite too happily and easily. But if you wish to make them get up from their bed at 5 or 6 in the morning, they would whine and turn around to catch some sleep. 

Yes, this is what parenting is like even in 2023. It doesn’t matter which year we are in. Kids are forever complaining when you try to break in their regular routine and ask them to follow a stricter new one instead. Here’s how you can make habit formation simpler. 

Lead by Example:

When you know what can inspire your child and what puts him off, go on with it. Using this, think of how excitingly or amusingly you can do it. Let’s say, even for doing a simple task of brushing, sing a song from our Teeth Story book. Play the song and do a little dance, to urge your child to follow the steps. No matter how late you are, do not skip brushing at night before going to bed. They should cover all of the steps and you might also show that you are doing those. They are not specially asked to do it but you also do it just like that. This should be a great motivation for the child to make a habit of brushing twice a day. 

Focus on Returns and Rewards: 


Your kids should enjoy the task of brushing and what they get in return. Teach them how their teeth benefit from their brushing. Let’s say, the kids follow you and have started doing the Sun salutations. What do they benefit from? Show them SapienKid’s Sun Salutation Book and point out how each asana has a benefit or two. When they do all of the tasks as per the daily, weekly or monthly planner, 

Join in with Other Families: 

It is true that it takes a village to raise a child. So, you may partner with your friends who are also raising kids and plan to form habits. You may even nurture a healthy competition among your kids and their cousins or friends. This way they all will want to do the tasks and develop good habits and collect rewards. Kids find it motivating to see their cousins and siblings also form healthy habits. 

Go with the Flow:


Many people might want their kids to take up healthy habits like making their beds or cleaning behind their ears to be as effortless as possible. Parents might want their kids to simply form habits without putting an effort to it. For that to happen also, they need guidance and only you, as parents can bring about this change.

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