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How to Make Your Child Become an Achiever

How would you like to see your child? You want to see him or her successful in whatever endeavors they do. This brings us to realize one point. We, as parents also have to be acing the parenting act. A parent has to renovate ourselves and take our ideologies that high up, to be able to raise one such super-child. 

We want our children to become Olympians, champions at every game they play and every subject they touch. But to do that, they would need to get such inspiration from who, but us, the parents. So, now that we know that the adults or parents have the responsibility of making the children achievers, what should we do? Let’s analyze the steps and find out the most practical ones to help our children climb up the success ladders early on in life. 

The Uncertain Future and More Concerns

Parents have this wild obsession with scrutinizing everything in their way of raising their children. Parents want their children to wear the best clothes, look good, and speak fluently (preferably English). But there is more to raising your child than just educating them on these lines. So, what should you teach your child beyond these?

  • Respect Everyone Around: We should stop saying that “You respect A but not B.” Your child should rather learn to respect everyone, irrespective of color, nationality, religion, age, and gender. Only then can they become more inclusive and adaptable. 
  • Read Beyond School Books: Reading, by itself, is a great habit to start and even if they may not be interested in it first, let them do it. Sit with your book or paper as they sit with their book. Start early and set aside a time of the day for the same. This should be great for the kids. 
  • The Habit of Working Out: Children can willingly take up a habit if you make it enjoyable. Make cleaning their desks fun and you will never have to urge them ever to do it again. The habit of working out will be a great way to ensure they remain fit all year round. 
  • Boost New Experiences: Ensure to take your child to new places, and meet new people. Show how it is done to your child and he shall, therefore, not find it awkward to open up. This could include experiences of exploring new places, trying new food, and making memories. Make bucket lists and never let their life dull out. 
  • Praise in their Efforts: If your child is putting in some smart efforts, appreciate him or her. Right from the moment they start speaking, you should start explaining why they should do every task. Let’s say, they have to do their dishes, tell them why they should do it. When they do it, clap and cheer for them. Likewise, they should also do the same for you. They should learn to appreciate from a very early phase in life. 
  • Teach them to Pursue Excellence: Teach your child to enjoy whatever they learn. If they are doing something good, urge them to practice and become perfect in it. Parents can start by not comparing their children with others. They can also stop the toxic comparison of their scores with the toppers and make their children feel low. Many adults make the mistake of presuming that their child does not understand their reactions or emotional outbursts. Do not try to justify that it is for their good or that it is to ensure they do better. Raise your child to make them excel, keep the focus on what they learned instead of how many marks they scored. 
  • Encourage their Interests: Does your child love cars? Take him to a car show or a car race or even to an automobile factory. Let him see, learn their nomenclature, and enjoy! If you do not show interest in their interests, they will hide the same from you. Do not blame their interests as being the reasons for their bad manners or bad scores. As long as the interests remain healthy, there should not be a reason to quieten the same. Most entrepreneurs nurture their dreams and passions later in their life to make businesses out of them. 

Raising a child is no simple task. You will need to research and do a lot of hard work to find out the best methods and means to ensure you raise an achiever. However, it is for this same reason that we, at Sapien Kid have done the research for you. We have met and interacted with the industry experts and sought their insights on several areas and developed content for your kids. These are in the form of books, aka the Sapien Fables, DIY models, paintings, puzzles, and more. This is to ensure your child has a thorough development and excels in life. Check out our website to grab a box for your child right now and take them on their route to becoming an Achiever! 

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