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Parenting Blog

How to Teach Kids at Home

Parents of this generation are a lot clearer about what they would want their child to know. They are also clear on how to impart these to the children. If you are a parent, you have different options to explore for imparting education to your child as well. This could be possible in present day scenario as there are indeed several avenues and possibilities. You could put them in schools in the regular fashion or simply go for homeschooling as many people around the world. Now, all said, education or learning should and would begin from home. 

Defining Home Learning

You are to define and mark the line of how and when to start educating your child. It has to be a way of life. So, even busy parents can show and take their child through their daily chores and begin their education. 

Your home education should be a stepping stone for them to begin their schooling and therefore, make it as entertaining and enjoyable. Their focus should be on imparting life skills and not just limit to the letters or numbers alone. 

They should make the children understand that they should learn something every day and not just race after scores. 

Now the Main Tips on Teaching Kids at Home 

Start with Planning: Make planning a way of life to achieve discipline. So make a chart or a lesson plan for the day. It could start with what they would do from the time they wake up. It would be ideal for kids who understand the value of time. So, we can start this by the time kids are 4 or 5. For kids younger than that and who have not started school, you may start by waking them up at a specific time. You may then take them on a walk or jog or even do Surya Namaskar. Remember kids mimic elders. Make use of that to teach them simple things of life but with plan. 

Reading and Writing

Who said you should only start teaching kids when they go to school? Develop love and respect for books by strewing around books around the house. Kids have the habit of picking up a book to read on the go. These books should be accessible for them to pick. It could be any book. Kids who may love images, would also enjoy seeing comic books. While buying magazine for yourself, also treat them to their own book. On the go, teach them to read numbers. Point it out to them everywhere you see. From showing them numbers on currency bills to page numbers and measuring cups. They should understand that math extends beyond their classroom and school. 

Encourage Curiosity

Are you bombarded with questions by your little one, “Why did the bird fly? Why can’t the hen fly? Why is milk white in color?…”These are just some of the questions your kid might have asked and this is the tip of the iceberg. But when they ask what do you do? Do you simply turn a deaf ear and move around with your work? Or do you Google for answers and reply to them? Most of the parents these days prefer taking the second route. But that only means you will have more questions coming your way. Instead of fearing that, make sure to answer properly to inspire your child. You should encourage curiosity as that is the beginning of a journey. Your child’s interest for science, geography and history will all begin in this way. 

Do Not Restrict

Pick up colors and let the child color up his world in his own way. They may at first color up the floor and walls. Instead of having a meltdown, teach them that crayons are strictly for coloring their drawing notes only. Do not restrict them to coloring within the lines or boxes. Let them take their imagination as high as possible. 

Good to Know

In the initial years, the education process would happen 24/7 throughout their waking hours. Children won’t know that they are undergoing education as you will be making it happen as a part of their daily chores. 

Take the kids through chores, as you run errands, show them how you have to pay for things with money and so on. Take them to your workplace and explain how you have to work hard to earn money. 

Most importantly, remember that your kid will pick the book up when they see you do the same. So, check out books more often and read. 

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