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Travel with kids

What to pack for kids when visiting Zurich

What to Pack for Kids

Zurich is the largest city in Switzerland. Parents can take their kids to this beautiful place in Europe to enjoy and relax. While traveling with kids the most important thing to keep in mind is what to pack. The best months to visit Zurich are from June to August. Here is a  list of things you can carry while traveling with your kids.

Basic stuff

Medicines, sanitizer, and wet wipes : Always carry all kinds of  basic medicines for your kids and yourself. Carrying sanitizers and wet wipes are essential when traveling.

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Disposable bags : Traveling with children means having all types of trash. Keeping disposable bags handy can always help you as a parent while traveling.

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Thermos – Zurich always has cold weather. While traveling with kids during winters, it’s always better to have a thermos to keep your kid’s hot chocolate warm. 

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Ample of snacks- Which parent likes a cranky child? Always stock up with your child’s favorite snacks while traveling with them. Make sure to carry healthy snacks and not just the easy to grab chips and wafers alone.

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A travel journal- Giving your older kids a journal to write down their experiences is a very good way to express their emotions and keep them busy.

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Kid-friendly camera-  Giving your older kids a camera on your trip, will give them a nice way to be busy.

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A new toy– If you are traveling with a toddler, giving them a new toy will keep them engaged in your entire trip.

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Give your kids your contact information- A very important note to travel with kids is to give them your contact information (mobile no, email address etc). Children often like exploring places by running around. This way they may get lost. Having your information is always a big life-saver.

Clothes to Pack

Sweaters and jackets-  Packing warm and furry clothes for your kid is very important while traveling to Zurich. Children often fall sick as they travel to any new city with such a drop in Celsius. A puffer jacket can help your kids be warm in the cold weather.

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Gloves, scarves and hats– Carrying ample gloves, scarves and hats also helps a lot while traveling with kids. It makes your kids look fashionable while keeping the cold away.

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Waterproof snow boots- In Zurich it’s often cold and rainy. Let your child run around and enjoy snow while wearing their waterproof snow boots.

An umbrella- Give your kids an umbrella in their backpack for sudden rains. This will help them avoid getting wet in the rains and snow.

Fuzzy shoes– Always carry a pair of fuzzy shoes for you kids if you are traveling in the winters to Zurich. 

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Don’t Overpack

Traveling with kids is a very beautiful experience but it can also become very daunting while packing stuff for them. Always remember not to overpack stuff and enjoy traveling with your kids.

Happy Parenting!

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